Where is your GOD now?


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Kelly knows first hand about prayers
not answered. When your prayers go
un-answered, how do you respond?

Since I lost my eldest child, on 10th February 2013, I have been on a long and challenging journey through grief, parenting and faith.

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Isn’t it true that when something goes well we believe that was God answering our prayers (and, perhaps, we take just a smidge of the glory by thinking it was thanks to us praying in the the first place!), yet when something goes badly we are stumped as to what happened, and don’t know what to say.

Where is your God now?

This question is asked by people of all faiths in times of crisis. Where is God when the car crashed, when the cancer result was positive, when the baby stopped breathing…?

It’s a question I have asked many times too. I believe in God but I don’t know why He allows us to suffer. We knew our daughter couldn’t be saved from her haemorrhage, yet I still felt the presence of God. I know He’s there!

And this is why my experience after my daughter died was so important. I realised that, through it all, God wasn’t a genie to grant us our heart’s desire. He wasn’t detached from our lives. He wasn’t always going to make things different, but He was there with us, feeling it too.CHASING DRAGONFLIES

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