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What Will Your Siblings Say?

Happy Birthday Grant McCormick!

Grant McCormick is someone I never knew, but reading what his siblings say about him… well let’s just say that they painted a picture that compels you to read more.

Spend 5 minutes here, you won’t be disappointed.

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…..Yes, I attempted to back out again without getting out and looking. When I crashed into it the second time it dawned on me. I got out of the suburban to see my brothers car, with the drivers side completely dented in. I went in the house bawling and between sobs I told him what happened. He immediately pulled me in and gave me a big hug, the kind that only a big brother can give, and said “its okay Brianna, its just a thing.” Grant was never one to put value in material things. He just didn’t. He put value in the things that mattered. He never once lost his temper. He was always patient and he was always kind. Brie

…..Over and over I moved that door for just over an hour until I finally lost it. I stood up, marched over to him and asked, “How does that NOT annoy you?!?!?”

He made a quick, confused glance around the room, then looked up and replied, as if he had no idea what I was talking about, “How does what not annoy me?”

My antagonistic tendencies combined with my stubbornness and the energy of a 16 year old were no match for his patients. Colton

…..I was sitting on the couch by myself while all the guys were playing cards. Most guys Grant age would have asked me to leave, so he could hang with his friends. But not Grant. Grant asked me to play with them. So we sat up until after midnight playing cards. He never asked me to leave, and he included me in every conversation. That’s just who Grant was. Charissa