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When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned – Molly Monroe


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whoiloveWhen Life Doesn’t Go As Planned -

We celebrate Tage Monroe’s birthday by re-posting his mother’s testimony.
Happy Birthday Tage!

Listen as Molly Monroe shares her testimony, “When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned” –


I begged to GOD to heal her.. Could I really trust a GOD who did not answer my begging, pleading prayers.
Molly Monroe

My Brain and You

whoiloveCan i Borrow That?

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According to scientists, the brain’s memory circuits are not merely for reflecting on the past but are also vital mechanisms for imagining, anticipating, and preparing for the future.

The article goes to give some tips:

  • Give your brain a rich bank of life experiences
  • Let it borrow from the experiences of others by communicating, reading, or interacting with or about others.
  • Think about what you want from the future.
  • Give yourself periods of relatively uninterrupted thought during which you let your mind wander.

Today I want to borrow from a few experiences lived by Abi’s family and Tony’s family. Both families seem to be at peace, knowing their loved one is enjoying eternal life with our savior – Jesus.

It is important to read about Abi and Tony to establish empathy and picture people in our own life, that we love so, so much. We are willing to say goodbye, only to have hope that we will say hello again sometime in the future.

I believe It takes the strongest of love and the richest of experiences to endure the time between… between now and then. When we say hello. I cannot imagine what that hello would look like, but it is something so wonderful to ponder over – and to relive memories in the process.Today we celebrate Abi’s and Tony’s birthday. As an outsider, I love to read about both Abi and Tony at these links.

As you read about Abi and Tony – your sadness is quickly replaced with joy knowing that hope lives on, hope, just as real as your own memories.
To Kelly and Lynne and their families – Thank you – Thank you for letting us all borrow from your experiences. Happy Birthday to Tony and Abi… you are loved!!!

Look Closer

whoiloveLook Closer

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Look closer..

At first glance, I begin to read about an amazing foundation. One that provides a much needed Claire’s Care Box.

I look closer…. and I understand this foundation is built from empathy and encourages with relationships and prayer.

I Look closer..
and I see a background picture of a beautiful young, happy Claire Parker. A child of joy. A child of the Parker’s. A child of GOD.

A special child that we celebrate and put front and center on her birthday Aug 30th..

I look closer..

I see Jesus..

Then there are the glorious days, when wake up feeling calm, peaceful, and comforted as I sit in the presence of my Lord just as the disciples did as they sat in the boat with Jesus.

I do not know why we face these trials in life. I am not going to pretend I know how the Lord will work through them. But I pray that through it I get to experience his presence and see his glory in an undeniable way.Connie Parker

I hope you can see that the Claire Parker Foundation is more than a glance. It will take a closer look!

Not just another birthday….



This week we celebrate Zach and his legacy.
Oh, what a legacy it is!

All in the name of Jesus

You may ask, who is Zach… well, the comments are revealing…

.. fun videos of Zach go to and look at the HERO video

..a HERO whose impact has changed the lives of our community forever!

..the kind of student and child a teAcher does not forget.

..His short journey has changed countless lives and has created a $1,000,000 legacy through the Giving Hope through Faith Foundation!!

…your family has touched the world with His light through your precious son.

…God’s little angel on earth and in heaven.

….toughest kid I have ever known!!! exist because of Zach Tucker

….He has taught us to live each day fuller, love everyone you meet deeper, look for beauty in the simple things, never underestimate the preciousness of an ordinary day. He has also shown it only takes one person, one step, one dream to change the world.

4th of July –


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whoiloveOn Sundays

Today we celebrate with

The Pray~Hope~Believe Foundation (PHBF) was established by Lynne and Rick Merk to honor the memory of Tony Merk – a 6-year-old boy who died on July 4, 2011

Today was the 5th Annual 5K Run/Walk in support of their cause but don’t forget, EVERY day is a good day to make a
donation to bring HOPE to children with brain cancer!

Visit to learn more about their mission or to make a donation.

Oh brother….


whoilove “on Sundays”

a weekly blog.

What Will Your Siblings Say?

Happy Birthday Grant McCormick!

Grant McCormick is someone I never knew, but reading what his siblings say about him… well let’s just say that they painted a picture that compels you to read more.

Spend 5 minutes here, you won’t be disappointed.

See more here >

…..Yes, I attempted to back out again without getting out and looking. When I crashed into it the second time it dawned on me. I got out of the suburban to see my brothers car, with the drivers side completely dented in. I went in the house bawling and between sobs I told him what happened. He immediately pulled me in and gave me a big hug, the kind that only a big brother can give, and said “its okay Brianna, its just a thing.” Grant was never one to put value in material things. He just didn’t. He put value in the things that mattered. He never once lost his temper. He was always patient and he was always kind. Brie

…..Over and over I moved that door for just over an hour until I finally lost it. I stood up, marched over to him and asked, “How does that NOT annoy you?!?!?”

He made a quick, confused glance around the room, then looked up and replied, as if he had no idea what I was talking about, “How does what not annoy me?”

My antagonistic tendencies combined with my stubbornness and the energy of a 16 year old were no match for his patients. Colton

…..I was sitting on the couch by myself while all the guys were playing cards. Most guys Grant age would have asked me to leave, so he could hang with his friends. But not Grant. Grant asked me to play with them. So we sat up until after midnight playing cards. He never asked me to leave, and he included me in every conversation. That’s just who Grant was. Charissa

listen & love


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whoilove “On Sundays”
– a weekly blog –

If You Can Listen, You Can Love!

When you lose a loved one (Like Brian has), it seems like the new thoughts and intentions are too good to be true.

Sure, our perspective may change for a while, but for how long?

Below is a recent post from Brian Clark. It is clear to me that his perspective on life (see quote below) is still the same.

Raymond is 19 and homeless
“A facebook post from Brian Clark”

We got to chill this morning as he saw me reading the Bible at Panara to start the day. Wealth and poor in downtown area of Orlando. I mostly listened. His past is messed up. We laughed. He shared his life and thoughts. I didn’t give him money but I gave him time. Our friendship might be sporadic but I need his perspective as much as he might have needed someone like me today. Love with your ears today.

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It is not rocket science. By asking “how are you doing?” to anyone who has lost, you are loving us. It is hard and might even take more than 5 minutes. If you can listen, you can love. You are awesome! Thanks for reading and caring today. Brian Clark

memorial day


whoilove “on Sundays”

a weekly blog.

I came across Jenni McCadams perspective on Memorial Day and teaching our children about it. She goes on to say,,,,

We can help our children learn to love in ways that stretch around the globe as well as loving big and giving of ourselves right where we are.

  • Memorial Day is a great time to ask our kids:
  • How can we pray for military families who have lost their loved ones?
  • Who has made sacrifices for us and how can we show them gratitude?
  • What sacrifices could you make for your brothers and sisters or your mom and dad to show them that you love them?
Memorial Day – Whats That Mean?

How can we help our kids understand the sacrifices made by those who have fallen while defending our country? I’ve wrestled with this question personally even though we had been a military family up until last year when my husband retired from the Air Force. I know I’ve been guilty of making the day more about the fun stuff and less about its real significance.

It can be even more difficult to help your kids grasp what the day truly means when you don’t have any personal experience with military service.

………………… the rest of the story …………………..

His heart is his pen!


whoilove “on Sundays”

a weekly blog.

His Heart is His Pen

Related content: Tim Clark

Tim’s Journal – (Worth a read)!

Dec. 9th, 1997 Tim was 20 years old and a student at Miami University

“If I fall asleep anytime soon I pray that Jesus will be glorified in amazing ways. That my family would be joyful that I am with Jesus. As well as that I love them so much. I have realized that it is dying to self daily and putting Christ first. I am concerned with God’s view of me rather than others.

I pray that people would know that my life is not in vain. My life was not in vain b/c I have joy and peace of who I am in Christ Jesus. Tim Clark
I pray that people would know that my life is not in vain. My life was not in vain b/c I have joy and peace of who I am in Christ Jesus. He is the one that makes me happy and in whom I find refuge. If anyone is to ask why bad things happen to good people I would tell them it is b/c God knows everything and is in control. I love you so much Jesus. I pray I will do your will as I grow in you. You are in control and I am leaving a legacy of believers and planted seeds that will live on far past my earthly body. This is the only way I have found life not to be meaningless! Christ is King!”

June 18, 2000, Tim, 23 years old, titled the page “Father’s day sermon”

Stewardship of the Lord’s time:
How do we deal with issues in the past?
Jesus is the same yesterday, today, forever.
Jesus existed before we lived, “Before Abraham was, I AM!”
Jesus was with us even when we didn’t realize He was. Jesus was with us with our memorys
Eph. 5:16 “Don’t be vague but make the most of your time.

Our report card in heaven will be:

My relationship to God
My relationship to myself
My relationship to others
How are you using God’s precious commodity: TIME
We speak and pray the future into existence


See more journal entries (including his last entry):

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