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Author/s: Brian Clark

I dream of living FULL and ALIVE.

It has been over 2 years since my only brother, Tim Clark, was swept into eternity. A hereditary heart condition took him from kissing his twin 8 year old girls goodnight one moment to earthly lifelessness the next.

Sudden death is a crazy maker. It affects all people different and I have watched that the last two years and experienced it myself.

My amazing sister, Amy, has focused on the good memories and keeping Tim close through who he was and his legacy. My dad grieved openly, kept his nose in the Psalms and Proverbs of the Bible, and found life in staying focused at work and mentoring others. My mother is now, after 2 years, able to give again to others out of her overflow to others. The tears, sorrow, and sleepless nights was constant. As a mother who suddenly lost her son…what else would one expect! My mother is a hero.

I love Tim Clark and always will. The hardest part of sudden loss for me has been two fold:

1. Never being able to share earthly moments of joy, laughter, hardship, or sorrow again. Every holiday is different. 10 or 20 years from now not having the privilege to touch and love Tim again on this earth just plain sucks.

2. The sorrow of his girls not growing up with him. Grace and Lily have a spectacular legacy of a dad and we have many videos, pictures, letters, and journals to show them who their dad is and how he loved them…yet it is always a person’s presence that is most missed.

Tears flow as I write this as you can imagine. In an act of irony death has brought me closer to life…the preciousness of life. I can’t get enough of my 5 year old daughter and two boys. I can relate to and love many in a way that was not possible before. Life is precious. It is not about stuff. Stuff burns. Stuff is meaningless. Relationships matter. People matter. Having hope and faith matters.

Life is not at all about me! As many strive in life for “success” I strive for “faithfulness.” Tim Clark’s legacy and God’s Word points me in this direction.

My brother died faithful. He pursued God genuinely and with passion, through struggles and temptations from his teen years till death. He was faithful and ethical in business, at home, in relationships, and even when others were not looking. Don’t overlook that! Very few of us could have that said of us if we were taken in an instant from this life. I love that about my brother, Tim!!! He lived for others…AND IT SHOWED.

As I look ahead to a few decades of life here on this earth, by God’s grace, I dream of living FULL and ALIVE. There is so much heartache and sorrow in this world. I pray that my wife and I can give our lives to faithfully provide hope for one person at a time…starting with one another and our family.

****On the two-year anniversary of my brother’s death in January, 2016, over 20 friends of my parents, who knew Tim, gathered to remember Tim and just LISTEN to my parents. It was a sacred time. My parents shared openly with tears and laughter. It was so honoring. So honoring.
No answers, no stories of “I know how you feel”…it was friends who care that came around my parents to listen.****

It is not rocket science. By asking “how are you doing?” to anyone who has lost, you are loving us. It is hard and might even take more than 5 minutes. If you can listen, you can love. You are awesome! Thanks for reading and caring today.

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Tim’s Faith

This message is from a hand written yellow pad.
It was his talk his senior year at Miami University to the Cru leadership:

“I want to share with you guys what has been on my heart this weekend.

My boy William Wallace said, “All men die, but not all truly live.”

Let me say what Steve said again, “I’ve stopped existing and started living.”

Jesus said “I came that you might have life and have it abundantly.”

Lately I’ve really had to deal with mortality and knowing I could die tomorrow.

Personally I really want to live life not just to exist on earth.

My friend at Miami just had one of her best friends die this last Friday. He was sitting at a stop sign and someone hit from behind going 70 mph.

Are we living life or are we just going through the motions of life?

Another friend of mine named Steve Sawyer is 20 and is incredible. I got to know him and spend time with him earlier this year. I just got something in the mail from him today about what is going on in his life.

He is a hemophiliac, and got HIV through blood transfusion.

I’d much rather have AIDs and have Christ than not have AIDs and not have Christ.

I’ve been forced to put things in perspective of what things are fun and what things are really important in light of now and eternity.

That’s what Steve’s talking about, living for eternity.
because he knows how it is over in 30-40 days.

I want to challenge you to not just look at the now but look at everything else. with Jesus Christ.

Steve has stopped existing and started living. I want to challenge you to a life of purpose a life of hope!
That begins with accepting Christ into your lives.
I’ll be graduating & be gone
only Jesus Christ died and rose again.

I love you guys.”

From Tim’s Family

Tim not only talked like that, but he lived it. Your faith needs to start somewhere and be put in someOne solid. Please take time to read through the book of John in the Bible and ask yourself, “Do I believe that Jesus is who he claims to be?” “Am I willing to go against the mainstream of culture and put my faith in the unseen and sincerely allow Jesus to not only have a piece of my life, but have it fully?”

It is not a lighthearted decision. It must be a personal choice. It not only requires a prayer of of acceptance (allowing Jesus access into your life), but it requires a humble life of sacrifice and living outside of yourself. This is not about religion (man trying to reach God). It is about a relationship with the God who made you.

Above anything else I would bet that Tim is looking down from heaven and want nothing more than to see you begin a relationship with Jesus, walk with Him humble, and finish your race on earth like he did…faithful, and with sincere faith in the God who changed his life.

Learn more about beginning and living out a journey with Jesus.

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Tim’s Journal – (Worth a read)!

Dec. 9th, 1997 Tim was 20 years old and a student at Miami University

“If I fall asleep anytime soon I pray that Jesus will be glorified in amazing ways. That my family would be joyful that I am with Jesus. As well as that I love them so much. I have realized that it is dying to self daily and putting Christ first. I am concerned with God’s view of me rather than others. I pray that people would know that my life is not in vain. My life was not in vain b/c I have joy and peace of who I am in Christ Jesus. He is the one that makes me happy and in whom I find refuge. If anyone is to ask why bad things happen to good people I would tell them it is b/c God knows everything and is in control. I love you so much Jesus. I pray I will do your will as I grow in you. You are in control and I am leaving a legacy of believers and planted seeds that will live on far past my earthly body. This is the only way I have found life not to be meaningless! Christ is King!”

June 18, 2000, Tim, 23 years old, titled the page “Father’s day sermon”

Stewardship of the Lord’s time:
How do we deal with issues in the past?
Jesus is the same yesterday, today, forever.
Jesus existed before we lived, “Before Abraham was, I AM!”
Jesus was with us even when we didn’t realize He was. Jesus was with us with our memorys
Eph. 5:16 “Don’t be vague but make the most of your time.

Our report card in heaven will be:

My relationship to God
My relationship to myself
My relationship to others
How are you using God’s precious commodity: TIME
We speak and pray the future into existence


See more journal entries (including his last entry):

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Honor Tim

Honor Tim

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Horizon International

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Horizon International is a ministry whose motto is “Creating a World of Hope for HIV/Aids Orphans”. This was one of Tim’s favorite ministries.

Horizon International

Horizon International is a relief and development organization dedicated to caring for orphans affected by HIV/AIDS. We serve these orphans and their communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty and live free from the bonds poverty and disease. Our objective is to raise up, out of the tragedy of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, a new generation of leaders who follow Jesus Christ “one child at a time“.

Did you know…

  • With only 5 per cent of the world’s population, Eastern and Southern Africa is home to half the world’s population living with HIV.
  • The region now has 10.5 million children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS.


Check it out at www.celebratingawesometimclark.com

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