Thankful for Heaven: Part 3


whoilove “On Sundays” – A weekly blog * Heaven is real. I believe that with my whole being. * My mom is there, enjoying the presence, perspective and love from the Lord. She, and all the others with her, can see me at times. * Heaven is going to more LIKE Earth than not. * I can be excited about what I will do and see in Heaven, and I want to go there and be in the presence of God! * I no longer have to be afraid of dying…or of living.

Thankful for Heaven: Part 2

Tage23 – This week we honor Tage Monroe and celebrate his birthday. Please click on the related content to enjoy a few audio post from Molly Monroe {}. In Part 2, Molly helps us know how awesome Heaven will be! “It is with this knowledge that I am excited about the pleasures, adventures, beauty, and enjoyment I will experience in Heaven some day!”

Tage Monroe


Today, I imagine you as a little four year old boy. You and I are walking along the streets of our neighborhood, stopping to pick up good walking sticks