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See Jesus? bonkers? brainwashed? You decide.


#whoilove …I didn’t tell anyone about it for some time, and I’ve only told a few people from church who I feel would understand. What could I say? I would be seen as totally bonkers! Brainwashed even! As time passed, I tried to find reasons for the vision, but couldn’t.

Leah Whyte


My blog grew out of a private Facebook page of the same name, that my 15 year old daughter Leah and I set up in the Summer of 2013.

Grant McCormick


I only realized I was mad when I saw I had lost my desire to spend time with God, to read His word, or spend time in prayer. Looking back, I can honestly..

Zach Tucker

Zach Tucker

Take the time to celebrate half birthdays as well as the real thing. Stop and play a board game or have a water gun fight even when you have about a million “other” things to do – you won’t regret it. Let go of the pressures that can surround you…

Hannah Crumby


I try to imagine what you look like in Heaven. Are you still a little girl dressed up in a princess gown? Will Momma and Daddy have the joy..