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Thankful for Heaven: Part 3


whoilove “On Sundays” – A weekly blog * Heaven is real. I believe that with my whole being. * My mom is there, enjoying the presence, perspective and love from the Lord. She, and all the others with her, can see me at times. * Heaven is going to more LIKE Earth than not. * I can be excited about what I will do and see in Heaven, and I want to go there and be in the presence of God! * I no longer have to be afraid of dying…or of living.

Thankful for Heaven: Part 2


whoilove.com – This week we honor Tage Monroe and celebrate his birthday. Please click on the related content to enjoy a few audio post from Molly Monroe {http://www.mollymonroe.com}. In Part 2, Molly helps us know how awesome Heaven will be! “It is with this knowledge that I am excited about the pleasures, adventures, beauty, and enjoyment I will experience in Heaven some day!”

Gretchen Zachary


.. she was utterly convinced every person bore the image of God, and as such, each individual deserved respect, dignity, mercy, and love. The empathy she possessed ..