Look Closer


Share this Post Look closer.. At first glance, I begin to read about an amazing foundation. One that provides a … Read More

Counting the Days


whoilove “on Sundays” a weekly blog. As I sit in a quiet house (Crosbee napping, Cooper at school and Daddy … Read More

Leah Whyte


My blog grew out of a private Facebook page of the same name, that my 15 year old daughter Leah and I set up in the Summer of 2013.

Grant McCormick


I only realized I was mad when I saw I had lost my desire to spend time with God, to read His word, or spend time in prayer. Looking back, I can honestly..

Claire Parker


Claire Parker….But I do know that my purpose in life is to serve God. Knowing that gives me a reason to get out of bed, a reason..

Tony Merk


.. two bad guys came into the room and Angel Raphael punched them. Angel Raphael then called the police and the bad guys were taken to jail.

Zach Tucker

Zach Tucker

Take the time to celebrate half birthdays as well as the real thing. Stop and play a board game or have a water gun fight even when you have about a million “other” things to do – you won’t regret it. Let go of the pressures that can surround you…

Hannah Crumby


I try to imagine what you look like in Heaven. Are you still a little girl dressed up in a princess gown? Will Momma and Daddy have the joy..



‘This week over dinner, out of nowhere, my five-year-old said: “Abi was beautiful and clever and wonderful.”
I said, “Pardon?”