Not just another birthday….



This week we celebrate Zach and his legacy.
Oh, what a legacy it is!

All in the name of Jesus

You may ask, who is Zach… well, the comments are revealing…

.. fun videos of Zach go to and look at the HERO video

..a HERO whose impact has changed the lives of our community forever!

..the kind of student and child a teAcher does not forget.

..His short journey has changed countless lives and has created a $1,000,000 legacy through the Giving Hope through Faith Foundation!!

…your family has touched the world with His light through your precious son.

…God’s little angel on earth and in heaven.

….toughest kid I have ever known!!! exist because of Zach Tucker

….He has taught us to live each day fuller, love everyone you meet deeper, look for beauty in the simple things, never underestimate the preciousness of an ordinary day. He has also shown it only takes one person, one step, one dream to change the world.