My Brain and You

whoiloveCan i Borrow That?

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According to scientists, the brain’s memory circuits are not merely for reflecting on the past but are also vital mechanisms for imagining, anticipating, and preparing for the future.

The article goes to give some tips:

  • Give your brain a rich bank of life experiences
  • Let it borrow from the experiences of others by communicating, reading, or interacting with or about others.
  • Think about what you want from the future.
  • Give yourself periods of relatively uninterrupted thought during which you let your mind wander.

Today I want to borrow from a few experiences lived by Abi’s family and Tony’s family. Both families seem to be at peace, knowing their loved one is enjoying eternal life with our savior – Jesus.

It is important to read about Abi and Tony to establish empathy and picture people in our own life, that we love so, so much. We are willing to say goodbye, only to have hope that we will say hello again sometime in the future.

I believe It takes the strongest of love and the richest of experiences to endure the time between… between now and then. When we say hello. I cannot imagine what that hello would look like, but it is something so wonderful to ponder over – and to relive memories in the process.Today we celebrate Abi’s and Tony’s birthday. As an outsider, I love to read about both Abi and Tony at these links.

As you read about Abi and Tony – your sadness is quickly replaced with joy knowing that hope lives on, hope, just as real as your own memories.
To Kelly and Lynne and their families – Thank you – Thank you for letting us all borrow from your experiences. Happy Birthday to Tony and Abi… you are loved!!!