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I came across Jenni McCadams perspective on Memorial Day and teaching our children about it. She goes on to say,,,,

We can help our children learn to love in ways that stretch around the globe as well as loving big and giving of ourselves right where we are.

  • Memorial Day is a great time to ask our kids:
  • How can we pray for military families who have lost their loved ones?
  • Who has made sacrifices for us and how can we show them gratitude?
  • What sacrifices could you make for your brothers and sisters or your mom and dad to show them that you love them?
Memorial Day – Whats That Mean?

How can we help our kids understand the sacrifices made by those who have fallen while defending our country? I’ve wrestled with this question personally even though we had been a military family up until last year when my husband retired from the Air Force. I know I’ve been guilty of making the day more about the fun stuff and less about its real significance.

It can be even more difficult to help your kids grasp what the day truly means when you don’t have any personal experience with military service.

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