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Look closer..

At first glance, I begin to read about an amazing foundation. One that provides a much needed Claire’s Care Box.

I look closer…. and I understand this foundation is built from empathy and encourages with relationships and prayer.

I Look closer..
and I see a background picture of a beautiful young, happy Claire Parker. A child of joy. A child of the Parker’s. A child of GOD.

A special child that we celebrate and put front and center on her birthday Aug 30th..

I look closer..

I see Jesus..

Then there are the glorious days, when wake up feeling calm, peaceful, and comforted as I sit in the presence of my Lord just as the disciples did as they sat in the boat with Jesus.

I do not know why we face these trials in life. I am not going to pretend I know how the Lord will work through them. But I pray that through it I get to experience his presence and see his glory in an undeniable way.Connie Parker

I hope you can see that the Claire Parker Foundation is more than a glance. It will take a closer look!