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If You Can Listen, You Can Love!

When you lose a loved one (Like Brian has), it seems like the new thoughts and intentions are too good to be true.

Sure, our perspective may change for a while, but for how long?

Below is a recent post from Brian Clark. It is clear to me that his perspective on life (see quote below) is still the same.

Raymond is 19 and homeless
“A facebook post from Brian Clark”

We got to chill this morning as he saw me reading the Bible at Panara to start the day. Wealth and poor in downtown area of Orlando. I mostly listened. His past is messed up. We laughed. He shared his life and thoughts. I didn’t give him money but I gave him time. Our friendship might be sporadic but I need his perspective as much as he might have needed someone like me today. Love with your ears today.

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It is not rocket science. By asking “how are you doing?” to anyone who has lost, you are loving us. It is hard and might even take more than 5 minutes. If you can listen, you can love. You are awesome! Thanks for reading and caring today. Brian Clark