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"Who I Love" will:

  • Honor and celebrate your loved ones
  • Share your faith
  • Promote a cause
  • Point to your own website/blog
  • Allow others to remember your loved one

  • "Who I Love" exist to:

    1. Honor & celebrate your loved ones.

      Your love for your loved one never dies and provides a tangible way for you to remember and express this love through story telling.

    2. Share your faith

      Your loss is profound and instantly makes your faith journey credible. A main emphasis of this site is to hear about your faith journey and allow others to be impacted.

    3. Promote a cause you are passionate about

      On your page, is also a place to promote a cause you are passionate about. The page can include information on the cause such as: "Did You Know", "Learn More" and "How You Can Help" as well as a link to the donation page.

    4. Inspire acts of kindness

      Inspired readers will be encouraged to honor your loved one with random acts of kindness. These acts will be immediately posted on a "Wall of Kindness" blog in the hope that they become known and contagious. Social media will be used to further amplify these kind acts.

    5. Point to your own website or blog

      As people are touched by your story, they may want to "follow" you and be inspired by more of your writings. On your story page will be links to your personal website or blog as well as social media links. Providing your email is optional.

    6. Remember your loved ones.

      Of course it is important to never forget. As the years pass, many people still want to acknowledge and pay tribute to the memory of your loved one. We have a free email reminder that is sent 1 week prior to your loved one's birthday as well as the day of their birthday.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Submit the following:

    1. 1 story about your loved one.
    2. 1 faith story.
    3. At least 1 picture of loved one – good quality.
    4. An audio version (Optional) of your story – see tab below,

    You can email all to and we will reply with anything else we need.



    Those stories that include an audio version (Optional) will be featured! I encourage to to do this using the following options.

    Option 1:

    password: whoilove

    Option 2: From PC

    Option 3:
    Android Phone/Tablet


    Option 5;
    Send a video and I will strip out the audio.

    Faith is a critical part of this site. Before your site goes live, a story-poem-suggested reading, etc.. must be submitted.
    Yes. Email me at and i will remove.