Audio version: The Best of Him – by Matt Bays

THE BEST OF HIM {by Matt Bays}: When my brother, Tim, passed away, he left a piece of himself behind in the form of an unborn daughter. Sweet Ashley came ...
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‘This week over dinner, out of nowhere, my five-year-old said: “Abi was beautiful and clever and wonderful.” I said, “Pardon?” ...
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Claire Parker

Claire Parker....But I do know that my purpose in life is to serve God. Knowing that gives me a reason to get out of bed, a reason. ...
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Grandma Opal

My grandma Opal. She was my favorite! She wasn’t your typical grandmother. She couldn’t cook, sew or bake, but she sure knew how to make you feel loved. When I was ...
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Grant McCormick

I only realized I was mad when I saw I had lost my desire to spend time with God, to read His word, or spend time in prayer. Looking back, ...
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Gretchen Zachary

.. she was utterly convinced every person bore the image of God, and as such, each individual deserved respect, dignity, mercy, and love. The empathy she possessed . ...
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Hannah Crumby

I try to imagine what you look like in Heaven. Are you still a little girl dressed up in a princess gown? Will Momma and Daddy have the joy. ...
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Henley Romine

“She didn’t know she was sick,” said her father, Grant Romine. “She always had smile, a twinkle in her eye and an unbelievable sense of humor.” ...
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I see Hannah’s Joy

Hannah – "On Sundays" - A weekly blog. I see Hannah’s Joy – A bit shy, Hannah gingerly greets Jesus, but in only a few moments she was pulling him by ...
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Leah Whyte

My blog grew out of a private Facebook page of the same name, that my 15 year old daughter Leah and I set up in the Summer of 2013 ...
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Sue Estes

Sue Estes ...Mom had a dream to be a nurse, but when she was a teen, she came upon a bad car accident and fainted. Because of the. ...
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Tim Clark

This message is from a hand written yellow pad. It was his talk his senior year ...
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Tony Merk

.. two bad guys came into the room and Angel Raphael punched them. Angel Raphael then called the police and the bad guys were taken to jail ...
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Tage Monroe

Today, I imagine you as a little four year old boy. You and I are walking along the streets of our neighborhood, stopping to pick up good walking sticks ...
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Tim Bays

his daughter, Ashley, called me after she got engaged and asked if I would represent her dad by performing the wedding ceremony, everything in the universe got a little cloudy ...
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Zach Tucker

Zach Tucker
Take the time to celebrate half birthdays as well as the real thing. Stop and play a board game or have a water gun fight even when you have about ...
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