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History is an intersection of many things.

Inspirational stories, worthy causes, random acts of kindness, loved ones, and faith in Jesus Christ.

This site is dedicated to your loved ones that are waiting for you in the future, your faith and your causes.

A Lasting Impact

Sharing stories will rekindle the desire to "do something", "say something", "give something", etc. Your authentic, personal stories are powerful and we amplify them with audio versions (optional) as well.

In tribute to your loved one, readers will have the opportunity to support your cause or pledge an act of kindness. By posting these acts onto the "wall of kindness", we hope to make these acts contagious.

Sharing Your Faith.

A critical component to is to provide a platform for you to share a story about your faith. Those who have never experienced a loss have much to gain by hearing about your faith journey.

So tell us your stories. Celebrate and honor your loved one. Make a lasting impact on the world.

Honor your loved one .

Please submit your story at