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Countless Words of Wisdom!

Each of these writers knows pain too well and have family members featured on whoilove.comThey write and read about it. The good news: ..they share incredible insight about the complex relationship with GOD. The insight is both interesting and powerful.

I hope these few blog excerpts will inspire you to read more and discover how you too can relate to GOD differently (or communicate to others differently) about GOD’s presence in the midst of pain and struggle.


 Vicky’s Blog Post, : “The Struggle”

…‘time management‘ is not one of my strengths since Leah became ill and died.

…I spied a book that I bought recently but hadn’t had time to read. It’s called “When the Hurt Runs Deep” by Kay Arthur.

…on page 77 of Kay’s book, I read a passage of Scripture that Leah and I used to read frequently. It brought us such great comfort. Leah’s illness separated us at times from most of what we held dear in life, so we tried to focus on the one certainty that her illness could never deprive us of –God’s love.

 Kelly’s Blog Post, : “God on Mute: When God seems absent”

I’ve been reading God on Mute  by Pete Greig …

… why God might not appear to answer our prayers – in the time we want, the way we want or why we want them!

… Easter Saturday is the time when Jesus was dead. When God was silent for him and for the world. He went down into death like any other person. God was gone.

… Yet, at his hour of most need, his father had to step back.

… My daughter died! How can I not feel angry about that?! Yet, I have felt God with me even when He seemed silent and somehow knew He was there. But He had to let me find my way to Him…

 Matt’s Blog Post, : “Throwing Out Handfuls Of Worms (Where Is God When It Rains?)”

…  stories we’re afraid of – stories we hope never rise to the surface. And it’s these stories, the ones we’ve tucked away never to be heard from again, that we must overcome.

… was his age, I had no idea how deeply I had been affected by my own brokenness. So to see my new friend already dealing with his demons, pushing down the age of reckoning, inspired me.

… Sometimes we find ourselves in the cold and unkind rain and wonder how we got there – was it our doing or God’s?

***Looking for a book about where God is in our pain? I wrote THIS ONE.